Saturday, 22 March 2014

A last-minute Friday afternoon meet-up with some pals (:
The shoot didn't go as planned, but oh well, it's always nice to just spend time with friends.
The fateful leaf pile.
We were melting in the heat after twenty minutes or so, and we decided to head to Gaby's house to shoot indoors. Then as I wanted to cap my lens, I couldn't find my lens cap - and at this point I started freaking out. It could have been anywhere between the Starbucks and the hill we were on. And we had literally no idea where it could be. So we tore open my bag multiple times, checked all the places we shot at on the hill, and then split up to retrace our path. After fifteen minutes, I gave up and I said we should just go to Starbucks, and if it wasn't there then too bad. So I tried to take my mind off it - I could buy a new lens cap anyway, and we walked down the road to the Starbucks. I was chatting with Gaby and Eden when suddenly I turned my head to the right and spotted this black circular disk nestled in a pile of leaves by the roadside and ran to my lens cap.
What are the chances! God is so good. 


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