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Friday, 17 May 2013

Mid-years ended on the 16th of May and I am unbelievably relieved that it's over now (actually I was already relieved after the Bio/A Math, Chem/History days hahah). Thank God for His grace throughout this exam period. I was so blessed to get the topics I studied for (which was honestly only a fraction of the syllabus) come out for essays :) It's crazy to think that almost half a year has passed,  and Chinese O's are in two weeks' time. Goodness. I still remember a month before midyears flipping through my planner and counting the weeks to O Levels. It was literally six pages. SIX PAGES OF TIME TO FRICKIN O LEVELS. I could count the number of weeks then, and now, I can count the number of days. 

Time seems to pass slowly while you're in it, but once you look back, you wonder what the hell you've been doing to let six months/six weeks/fourteen days slip past. But I still cling on to hope - I have fourteen more days to do good and to make a mark on.
In the meantime, in the fleeting airborne moment of leaping from the precipice of one cliff to the next, with the slow motion arm-flailing coupled with a feeling of satisfaction of overcoming the first step off the cliff, and the sense of dread of not making it to the next cliff, here's what I've been up to:

He gave me a stack of yellow squares. "No student price on Thursdays," he said.
Eden made us try fried Mars bars. It was like sugar fireworks.
"To boldly go where no one has gone before" aboard the USS Pizza Slicer Enterprise 
Lunch at skinniest of pizzas,
my favourite pizza which has the feeling of fresh berries and juice on a hot day
potatoes potatoes potatoes! (with truffle oil, of course)
"It's PAI-JAH!"
And we accidentally took a long route from Plaza Singapura to Fort Canning to watch Othello - a mistake made by my horrible sense of direction, and also weirdly foreshadowing future events
We're going on an adventure! "I sincerely hope that I don't get dengue." (I did get bitten more than five times, but still no sign of dengue so all is well)
Long queues
Sweltering heat
Laying out our mat and finding it too small for all of us to fit comfortably and buying another mat
The people in front of us.
I really liked their complementing colours
Taking photos, buying drinks, taking out the food, buying another mat
Braiding and waiting
Adjusting ourselves on the mat because of tailbone ache and the slow but steady slide of the mat down the hill
Lit by moonlight, what nonsense.
Night-time grain
Shimmering lights, bustling people
 The couple who stood up in the intermission amidst the sea of seated people and started making out while being backlit from the lights of the stage like some Disney halo
Under the [stars]
"I don't understand why she's wearing a gown"
"It's for dinner!"
"Yeah, totally, she dresses up for dinner, and for the rest of the play, even the party bit, she's dressed like a hobo explorer."

Lie with me, and forget the world

Here's the second bit to the day, the continuation of my terrible sense of direction. After the play, we got a bit lost at Fort Canning and we started walking around the wrong building. Then we walked past this woman and her dog seated in the sheltered pavement in the building and Jewel and I were like, "oh hey, dog." We went around the bend and then heard a scream. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, GUYS GUYS COME NOW"
"Yeah, she looked up and I was like, 'hey that looks like..' Oh. OH MS PANG HI!"
So we met our math teacher from sec 1 whom we haven't seen in like three years now. Then we started chatting, and this guy emerged from the building. He helped us take a picture with Ms Pang, then Gaby, Jewel and I left. On the way to the car, Jewel said, "You know, he looks really familiar. Like he could be a famous actor or something."
I got a call from Eden.
"The guy? The guy with Ms Pang? He asked us how the play was, and Valerie said, "ehhh... It was okay lah.. Quite boring. Then he mimed being stabbed in the heart and looked really really hurt.... 

'Were you one of the actors in the play?'

"Oh. Crap."

Turns out, he was Rodrigo in Othello. He is Shane Mardjuki, who (according to my sister) has 'imPECcable' abs. He seemed really really nice, and to be honest, the only people who I liked in the play were Rodrigo and Iago. The guy who played Iago then came out to tell him that Adrian Pang thought they did very well, and he looked really satisfied and Shane Mardjuki was still looking very disappointed.
Anyway, Eden took it upon herself to tweet-apologise to Shane Mardjuki (because he looked as though he took it personally) and he tweeted back 


It would be funny if it wasn't so terrifyingly awkward.

Thank you so much Valerie, Gaby, Jewel, Hui Dan and Eden for making the end of mid-years so memorable. I don't think I've ever felt more OHYEAHLET'SGOWATCHONEMOREMOVIE/PLAYAFTERTHREEINAROW (I doubt there's a word that specific) in my life. It was a fantastic day with great movies+play, great food and great company, and I am very very grateful that I got to spend my airborne moment with you guys (:

I am tired and I think my writing in this blogpost has, like, veered really far from where it started. Goodnight!

Also reminder to self: buy Star Trek Blu ray when it comes out
I really hope the neutron cream story is in the special features hahahahah! MY GOODNESS Benedict Cumberbatch

Megan Sim if you're reading this BE SAFE IN BANGKOK! (Who the hell flies to Bangkok for the weekend in the middle of a school term? You, apparently.)

\\will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful\\


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