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Monday, 17 June 2013

Yesterday my mom and I went to Pasarbella (GET THE PUN HAHAHAHHAAH)  to get some seafood for the barbecue we had for dinner that night and it was my first time going there (although I have heard lots and lots about it from people *cough*EDEN*cough*)
It was crazy amazing! It felt just like Chelsea Market in New York with all the vendors selling various stuff like wine and ice-cream and pasta and seafood and coffee and fresh flowers and BEANBAG CHAIRS OMG
Everything was so gorgeous and colourful so I just went around snapping photos of things like a tourist while everyone was eating hehehe
Anyway they didn't sell any squid so we went to Giant to look for squid, and when we stepped out of Pasarbella into Giant it was like stepping into a parallel universe. It was suddenly full of bright white lights and fishy smells, dishwashing towels sold in stacks of three and the same Korean dancing women on different TV screens (why do people even sell TVs like that I don't understand). 

Two weeks of June holidays have finally begun but I'm so so so tired and I can't bring myself to study :(
The video we're doing for teacher's day is almost ready - I just need to add in a few more links and cut some parts shorter and then I'll upload it here maybe. I also need to do some painting/drawing stuff and shoot with Megan and Siying erhmagerd.
AND, I still need to fill up my DSA stuff blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid personal statement I have nothing to write why liddis
this is poooopy
I wish I had bought some dried flowers for myself now.


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