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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Yesterday Megan and Siying came over because I wanted to shoot them for a drawing I want to do and  while they were here we were planning to study as well BUT IDK WHAT HAPPENED THERE XD We literally took out all of our books and then we started taking photos HAHAHHA oh dear #studyfail
We were praying that the PSI would drop by sunset so that we could go to the field and IT DID! (: And the haze over the field made for some interesting photos
old school delights
 "what if I can't get into AC...?"

I can't believe we narrowed down over 600 photos to 70+ hahhahaha
Thank you so much Siying and Megz for being mah models 
When I'm done with the drawing/painting thing I will send it to you hehehoho

OH GOODNESS ME, THE PSI IS NOW 371! Please stay indoors and drink water! And keep your pets safe too!
Everybady let's pray for rain and wind (:


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