National Day (pt. 2)

Friday, 9 August 2013

My camera hates me.
I took photos of bubble blowing, of barbecued food, of people and lots and lots of sparklers but nope! my camera just won't have it. Everything is just screwed up.
So here instead is a gif that I had to reduce the size of, like, four times before being able to get it on my blog oh. my god. this is frustrating. So sorry if it looks like you can see each glitchy coloured pixel. It's because you literally can see each stupid glitchy pixel.

On the bright side, the food was good. We had the usual potato salad, beef, lamb, squid, prawns, rocket salads (amongst other types of salads), sausages and bee hoon, though I'm not sure why but it was good nonetheless. 

I woke up this morning so determined to do work and then at 11am I went downstairs to get myself a hot chocolate and then somehow managed to spend an hour peeling bean sprouts for the bee hoon. Well done me. I haven't really done everything I wanted to do today. I say "haven't really done", what I mean is "haven't done anything", and yet I am feeling so exhausted. I feel like I need a good book or a movie tonight but no, I need to finish what I didn't do this afternoon. Shit. I need to start enjoying studying again.


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