National Day

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The photos today were so disappointing :( The lighting in class is awful and I don't know why but everything was all blurry and icky. I somewhat managed to save a few with heavy layers of editing, (making everything much much brighter and less yellowy green) so ta-da! Here's all I have hahaha. But my family is having a National Day barbecue with sparklers and all (hopefully) that I should be able to shoot.

National day in school was quite fun, but for some reason during the sing-a-long the hall got horribly humid and hot and everyone's arms started sticking to each other. Eurgh. And the activities were so stressful, I didn't even know what was going on. Heh. 
But today we got our class shirts!

Hohohoho! Now we could technically set up a class merchandise store with t-shirts and hoodies hahahah! I'm glad I took off the two circles, I think the crest looks better this way.

Okay, so now I have four days of holidays to study for prelims since I've spent today sleeping and watching Sophia Coppola films—so worth it though. I'm kind of nervous for prelims, but at the same time super unmotivated to get going. I'm not sensing any urgency whatsoever. So much to do that I don't know where to get started and so I watch Tom Hiddleston clips on YouTube (also the new Thor trailer is out and it is ~amazing!~) because that is obviously the way to go -.- 
You can tell I'm very conflicted.
This is stupid. Okay okay okay I will stop blogging and finish my A Math paper ok ok ok ok agh stop it bye. 


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