New York 2012

Friday, 8 November 2013

I decided to re-blog this because the previous one was awful haha. It's so weird that I'm blogging these travel photos exactly a year after they're taken lol. Well, anyway, here's what happened in New York.
We survived on a diet consisting of Shake Shack burgers and hot dogs because it was so convenient heh.
Skating at the Rockefeller ice rink
The view from the Top of the Rock

Central Park
Columbus Circle holiday market
Churros and hot apple cider on a cold rainy evening
I saw some Edward Ruscha paintings, some Pollock and Rothko, but then I totally skipped the top floor because there was this massive queue and I thought, "meh, whatever's in there can't be that impressive." And then my mom was like, "Did you see the Picassos?" THERE WERE PICASSOS IN THE TOP FLOOR? Sighhh.
I find riding the subway really exciting. It's so much fun. Plus, it's super convenient.
On Christmas eve I made my mom and my sister watch the Doctor Who episode 'The Angels Take Manhattan" because we were going to Central Park the next day and I thought it would be funny to be freaked out by all the little angel baby statues on the Bethesda fountain. Then we kinda went on a hunt to find the rock on which the Doctor, Amy and Rory sat on, and this may or may not be it (they all kind of look the same after a while). After Central Park on Christmas Day, we went to eat Chinese in Chinatown, and while we were looking for a place to eat I heard my parents trying to navigate on the map, "okay, so that's Canal Street, and this is Bowery. We're on Bowery." Then this weird feeling of I don't even know how to describe it - came to me because I was standing on Canal and Bowery. *gasp* It was a strange feeling.
Later that evening, we went to see the Les Miserables movie on opening night (it was so wonderful - I bawled my eyeballs out and I think I may have freaked out the guy next to me because right when the movie ended he got up to leave whoops). Afterwards we rushed back to the hotel to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special on BBC America with the Clara and the evil snowmen. It was a great Christmas.
Where do the ducks go in winter? Here, Holden Caulfield, here.
Greenwich village
Joe's pizza. The absolute best.

It's weird what I remember from New York. The first thing that comes to mind is the shows we went to watch. We saw Nice Work If You Can Get It with Matthew Broderick (ie. Ferris Bueller) in it on Broadway, as well as Newsies, which was ahmazing. We also saw Scarlet Johansson in the play Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, and The Nutcracker by the NYC Ballet. Then strangely, the second thing that comes to mind is just walking around. New York's a really nice place to just walk around, I think it has got to do with the grid structure in Manhattan, because you can just walk around the block to see what's around and then navigate to wherever you want to go next quite easily. I also got to try the pumpkin spice latte and the gingerbread latte from Starbucks that people on the Internet keep talking about but we don't have here - aghh! - and it was so warm and yummy, and very pleasantly warming to drink while walking in the city. And the last thing is that every morning we'd wake up and watch the weather forecast on television, and I would pray that the temperature would drop low enough for it to snow. The sad thing is that we left a couple of days after Christmas, right before the huge snowstorm hit New York :( At Greenwich we got little flurries of snow which then turned into hardcore cold rain and slush, which made the pavement all slippery and gross. While the snow thing was disappointing, New York was great; the food was good, the parks were gorgeous, there were so many things to go see and do, and looooots of cool shopping. I feel like I am writing some travel review HAHAHAHA, anyway NY journal done! Here are two 8tracks playlist I have been listening to a lot lately. They're so good that I have to share them. They are great for lying around in bed (which is what I've been doing a lot lately because it seems like have forgotten how to study or maybe because I have given up studying for MCQs)


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