Australia 2013 (vii) : Wollongong Day 2

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Another morning where I woke up before dawn to catch the sunrise. I dragged myself out of bed at 4.30 in the morning, threw a sweater on and stumbled into the elevator to meet the rest downstairs. We then drove to the lighthouse on the rocks to watch the sun rise over the ocean.
There was a really calm warm breeze rolling over the ocean as we watched the waves lap the rocks below. It was so peaceful out there, and I'm so thankful for moments like this.
Then we went to the beach to chill for a while, and I got legit beach hair :O
It looks amazing, but feels terrible. It's all dry and there's sand everywhere.
And THEN, later in the afternoon, we took a drive along the grand pacific drive to the top of this cliff to hang glide. Yup yup I was so excited/nervous but actually I didn't have to do anything but run with the guy off the cliff and then hold on to him for the entire ride. My sister and some of the Chuas got to hold the pole and fly by themselves for a while but honestly, even if I got the chance to, I probably wouldn't have because I was already shaking so badly in fear holding on to my instructor. 
But even though I didn't actually do any of the flying, I was so amazed by how much I could feel the force of the wind, like I could feel it lift us up and carry us, and for ten minutes, with the adrenaline rush and the incredible view,  I felt so powerful. 


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