Australia 2013 (viii) : Wollongong Day 3

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day two of hang gliding, and it was absolutely freezing.
And after my sister flew again, we went to wait for the others at the carpark near the landing zone, and we had a mini photoshoot hahaha. I just put the camera on timer on the hood of the car and took photos with my mom and Cara lololololol
We derped the same face at the same time omg it was magical.
Yay I love the colours in these photos, the green turned out so well on camera :')

On a side note, I've started lessons for a week now, and I am so glad I chose my subject combi. My teachers are wonderful, my class is pretty cool, my OG mates are frickin amazing and generally school is awesome. I love going for my HL classes #happycarinishappy


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