Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Yeah, its almost dinner time and I still haven't got any work done -.-



 OTAH (why am I typing in caps lol)

 shhweeeppyy bahhdyyy dd'naawwww

 "Mikaela don't climb! You will fall down!" No.

 Story behind the lion: After Saturday's reunion lunch at Ngee Ann, my aunt and uncle and my other aunt and uncle brought Mikaela to the toy shop on the fifth floor (near Art Friend), then they saw this huge lion and Mikaela was like, "uncwuh ching chong I wan lion." Then my uncle was like, "oh, yah yah I buy for you la." (jokingly). Then my aunts were like, "you realise that once you've made a promise to her she'll never forget right". So then later that afternoon after Mikaela's nap, my aunt sent a track to my uncle: "uncwuh ching chong I wan lion." in her after-nap dazed voice HAHAHAHA. So then he was obliged to go and buy it for her from the super expensive toy shop (although the smaller version).

Hastily trying to repair the disintegrated popiah

 My grand uncle who is incredibly passionate about plants and talks really loudly

 Mikaela's Dorothy Toms that we bought from New York

 YUSHENG (and Cara)



 My sister thinks she's very cute with her headband

 Aunty Amy and Jiu Jiu

 Uncle Chin Tong and Popo

 Nathaniel Kaiden

My sister thinks she's very cute again.

 Technologically advanced kids


 Then we brought out the mahjong set and everyone got really excited (especially the grand uncles/aunties)


 Aunty Rachel has mahjong skillzz

婆婆在教姐姐怎么打麻将 | 舅舅和阿姨一起有STRATEGY

My uncle Joe and aunty Kim came back from the US/Shanghai for CNY

 Mom's dress had really nice beading hahaha lol 

Mikaela kept incessantly handing people oranges haha

My two (out of a lot) of grand aunts

Uncle Edwin and Aunty Kim

 Mikaela suddenly took her shoes and opened the door. Then we looked at her. And she looked at us. Silence. HAHAHAHAHAH. And Sara(h?) with bakua


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