Sunday, 7 July 2013

My sister's apple pie. 
I was trying to study for Chinese oral (not as effective as I hoped) and then the divine smell of buttery/spicy apple goodness wafted up to my room and I was like 

So now I haven't studied much for the five/six tests (in four days) next week WHICH INCLUDE 2 O LEVEL PAPERS WAOW WHAT IS LIFE and I will just have to cram whatever I can tomorrow. I can't wait for this week to end. I need a break. And a swim. Preferably at the beach. With a book. Which is obviously, and unfortunately, not going to happen. Boo. 

On the bright side, once Wednesday is over I will not have to look at Chinese again for the rest of the year, which is beyond brilliant. But then again, that means time to focus on the other subjects oh my god I am so not ready for Os. I feel like just going into hibernation for the next four months and be like 'please wake me up on nov 16th k thx'.
                                                                                    sigh pie.



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