sunshine and water

Friday, 15 March 2013

This is going to be a ridiculously long post
Today was the last day of the term and also sports carnival day whoopdedooo!
Sec 4s and 5s got to play water soccer and tchoukball but then my camera battery died before any good photos of tchoukball were taken because of my brilliant intuition that told me last night that my camera battery will last the whole day #welldone

So today was a day of sun and water (but in a really gross sweaty and not glamorous beachy sort of way).

oh, and we also got our progress report.
that was fun.
And congrats 4/4 for being the best class of the cohort for CA1! YESSSSSSSSSS

Still a double-digit L1R5 though :(

Audrey & the sun
Jewel & the sun
Dude, six portraits in a row. Okay. Huidan & the sun.
"Huidan, you have this hair thing... here...."
 Rachel Hannah and Yvette watching the match
 Jewel and I


This one's probably my favourite photo of today

Hannah trying to avoid the camera but NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Best. Expression. Ever.
Tamara freaked out when she got the ball then did this amazing frolic in the water and splashed water on everyone hahahahahah
Renee and Tara


And now proceeds the group photo session

Ear focus. Thanks lens -.-


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