Europe 2012 (ii) : Versailles

Saturday, 13 July 2013

On the way to the palace, our tour guide (I can't remember his name, but he looks kinda like Pierce Brosnan so for this blog post I shall be referring to him as such) was talking about the Mansard Roofs that were very popular in the area, and the entire time I was just like, "like the song?" Anyway, so here's a post of Versailles, full of gold, ostentatious furniture, large paintings on ceilings that make you do uncomfortable things with your neck and geometrically symmetrical gardens.
We walked - actually more like hiked - up from the car to the golden gates of the palace and by the time we got there I was wheezing. Pierce Brosnan then directed us to a map of the place that was taller than me and he said, "we are now here", pointing at a tiny red dot a centimeter from the bottom of the map. Okay, so basically I just got breathless walking up his front porch.
Here comes the sun king... The gorgeous Hall of Mirrors
Marie Antoinette's peacock-filled bedroom
I really like this David painting very much. It's the coronation of Napoleon and he's crowning himself #swag

I told you he looks like Pierce Brosnan. 


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