Ballet Under the Stars (i)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Yesterday evening Jewel, Gaby, Eden and I went to watch Giselle at Ballet Under the Stars by SDT. So. Beautiful. 
I loved the stage props and the costumes a lot — besides the dancing of course. Also we got quite a good seat and the weather was amazing; I think it was under 25 degrees. 
This post is just the pre-show photos of us around Fort Canning as we were waiting for the show to start. I'll post the actual dance photos soon hahaha.

I didn't get the note that we weren't doing funny faces. Sigh.
 I love the facial expressions in this hahaha
Megan (Mandy), I tried the night-shot thing... It didn't quite work.
We called this the haemoglobin shot. I think the people around us were getting annoyed by the flash (it was very, very bright) so I put my hand in front of the flash and shot this. I wasn't touching the bulb but it was soo hot. Then I looked at the photo and this happened. Then I was like, "Gaby my haemoglobin is on your face." WOW WE ARE SO FAIL. XD


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