Europe 2012 (v) : Verona

Saturday, 20 July 2013

From Paris, we took the train to Milan, where we transited, in the wee hours of the morning, to the train to take us to Verona. I remember it was completely dark at the train station in Milan and the entire station was practically empty. I was going to look for the bathrooom and had to walk down this massively wide and grand staircase that wrapped around the side of the train station, and above there was a large clock face and giant panelled windows that casted strange shadows on the steps. My sandals were making click-clackety noises on each of the steps which echoed in the empty station. There was a guy sitting slumped against the wall at the side of the stairs, he seemed to be sleeping but it was no less terrifying. That was a very creepy experience. So anyway, when we got to Verona, we checked into our hotel called Giulietta Romeo and headed out into the city.
This is the bed. The bed where they filmed the scene.
A guy standing behind a sewing machine outside a shop was eyeing people on the street and suddenly he said "Hey! You! Write your name down! It's free, don't worry!" So that's the story of how I got this.
Let's take a moment to appreciate how large this dog is. There were a lot of dogs in Verona and it was really hot so there was one german shepherd that plopped himself into a fountain and rolled around in the water hahahha. 
This would turn out to be my favourite gelato combination. It is really delicious, especially in the Italian summer heat. The pistachio is all creamy and slightly salty, and the raspberry is sharp and sour, which makes for an explosion of wonderfulness when walking under the sun.
Lunch over the river
In the evening, around six or seven, the FIFA Euro Cup 2012 would come on telly and my whole family would all watch it, and so I developed my short-lived interest in football in Europe. So whenever we had to go out for dinner, my sister and I would naturally feel gutted that we were going to miss a part of the game, but the coolest bit of Verona was that in the evening, when we went for dinner at the restaurant that had a view that overlooked the entire city, we got to watch football with the staff. When we arrived, we were the only ones there. They were literally just opening for dinner. It was quite a posh place and the waiter was greying and smiled a lot. And while we were waiting for our food, amidst the clean, highly-starched table cloths and hushed voices of the staff milling around, there was suddenly a bunch of people yelling at the back of the restaurant. Like seriously shouting at the top of their voices. The greying waiter came to explain to us that Italy was playing in the Euro Cup tonight so the waiters were all watching the match. Because my sister and I were kinda bored, we went into the room behind the bar where about six waiters, already clad in their white shirts and waist coasts, were sprawled around the room on chairs or on the floor all focused on the small TV screen. We joined them to watch the game (they were, of course, patriotically cheering for the Italian team) and whenever a player looked like he was about to score, all of us in the room would start yelling and getting up from the chairs because we were all so jumpy. The waiters were all laughing and having such a good time, I don't think they actually wanted to start working when people started coming in hahaha but I think that was the most fun dining experience I've ever had.

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