Australia 2013 (iii) : Blue Mountains Day 3

Friday, 17 January 2014

On day three we took a four-wheel-drive tour around all the different parts of the Blue Mountains. We rumbled and bumped along rocky paths and bushfire-burnt forests, leaving a cloud of brown dust in our wake and a very nauseous feeling in my stomach. 
We stopped to have a picnic in the forest, of sandwiches and cheese and crackers before we went to explore the glow worm cave.
The glow worm cave was completely pitch black and we were handed torches for us to shine on the ground so we knew where to walk. The ground was rocky and uneven, and so little pools of cold water were collecting in the dips. Even with the torch light, it was so difficult to see where I was walking and I kept splashing into the puddles and so my shoes, being cloth, just soaked up all the water like a sponge and I just squelched the whole way back hahah.
You shall not pass! (I don't know why I made that face, I apologise.)
On our way back, travelling through the bush, there was a tree that had fallen over our path and there was no way to go forward but to turn back. "Well, guys, things like this happen sometimes," the driver said. Except, instead of turning back to find another way out, they decided to take the incredibly tiny path next to it, and we spent the next five minutes trying to adjust the angle of our massively large van/truck to fit into the sliver of a road, trying to avoid whacking ourselves with the branch sticking out into the path. After a while, we got through and we breathed a sigh of relief as the front of the vehicle was pretty far away from the tree. And then, the car rocked right, there was a sharp scrape and before I knew it, the window next to me crackled and shattered. The fracture moved through the glass so quickly I didn't even have time to process what was going on. Anyway, after that, everyone kind of went into panic mode and started yelling, "Carin get away from the window! Come here! Come here!" Thank God it didn't literally shatter and burst into a million little pieces! 

The boss kept on driving but then he asked how bad the damage was and tried to get a view from the rearview mirror. Then someone described it like shattered safety glass and then we suddenly stopped and he turned around, caught a view of the window and said, "well, fuck. Whoops, sorry." Hahahaha
We were driving on the edge of ridiculously steep cliffs, and sometimes we would tilt on our side and I could see the cars that had tumbled over the edge and crashed into the forest. They were mostly old cars, from the seventy's or so, and trees had grown back in the path they had crashed through. It made me wonder what happened to the drivers - quite morbid. Then there was the one time when I looked back and my mom was clutching her chest in fear hahaha. It was so scary, but yet so fun.
 My mummyy (the photos below of my face are by her.  She is very proud of her good aim)

Our neighbour's creepy house at night


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