Australia 2013 (ii) : Blue Mountains Day 2

Monday, 6 January 2014

It seems that I have taken photos of flowers every day so wooo title post theme! Day two was spent hiking the National Pass trail that led from the conservation hut down to the base of Katoomba falls, along the side of the cliffs, then up Wentworth falls.
By my dad
Breakfast and morning shoot by my sister
Katoomba Falls. The path got damper and more slippery as we came closer to the waterfall, and the sound of rushing water slowly became louder and louder. 
Wet leaves were pressed into the rock underfoot after being trampled on by bushwalkers, like a soft padding on the forest floor. 
Halfway mark - sit down on the side of the mountain and check emails hahaha
Wentworth falls! The following photos that consist of my face are taken by Cara
The whole hike was incredibly tiring (imagine climbing all the way up that waterfall from down there!) but so fun. Much more enjoyable than that Macritchie walk Megan and I did last month anyway haha. There was a lot of climbing up and down - occasionally on all fours - but I guess the undulating nature of the trail is what makes it exciting. Desperately exhausting, but exciting.
Shooting Cara back at The Gatsby


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