Australia 2013 (iv) : Hunter Valley Day 1

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

We said goodbye to the Gatsby :(
The night before we left, my mom was researching places to have breakfast at before we set off on our three to four hour long drive to Hunter Valley, and she found this place called Unique Patisserie which is apparently the best place to eat at in Katoomba. So we went there in the morning, my sister fully expecting delicious warm croissants, only to find that they do Penang food. They had lor bak, laksa, black bean beef and sweet and sour pork (which was sooo good btw). Unique, indeed.
We drove through 240km of the Australian countryside (which is a lot to me, anyway), through dubious farmland, winding along mountains, through forests and across creeks. Actually, we passed a sign that said "Boggy Swamp Creek" and the place was absolutely dry. Ha, so ironic!
The first day we spent chilling around the hotel, my dad went swimming, my mom went to the spa, while my sister and I played a very intense game of Jenga while I made full use of the Nespresso machine in the room.
Wandering around the hotel grounds
In the evening, we went to have dinner in the hotel's vineyard, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was filtering through the glass doors on the side through all the wine glasses that stood on tabletops. The people sitting near the doors were catching the light in their eyes and wisps of their hair which made them look like they were glowing. 
The warm light outside kept shifting and changing each minute while we had dinner and I kept wanting to slip out of the restaurant to try to capture the moment. It was absolutely beautiful to see the sun set over the vineyard.


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