Australia 2013 (i) : Blue Mountains Day 1

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello! Sorry for the delay, I just kept feeling like I wasn't getting it right. I kept trying to fix it but it somehow always seemed off. But anyway, here it is now! Auuusstrraaaaliaaaaaaaa!
Right after we landed at Sydney airport we picked up our rental car and drove up to the Blue Mountains.
My mum booked us into the cutest little cottage called The Gatsby, with this beautiful garden and decor on the inside. When we entered there was jazz music playing softly in the background and there was a faint smell of lipstick. Wine glasses were lined up in a glass cabinet next to the fireplace, and beyond that was the kitchen that was lit by the sunlight streaming in from the white windows. It's the most wonderful place to come back to after a day of being out walking about, to wander around in the garden when the cool breeze is blowing in the evening, making the trees dance and the sunlight sparkle. And then when it got chilly at night, I could bury myself under the soft thick sheets and snuggle. Also, free wifi - always a plus.
But now for the story. On the first day, before all of that whimsical coziness, we accidentally set of the burglar alarm. Whoops. We followed the instructions given, pressed the numbers in, and then suddenly this crazy shrill siren goes off inside the house, so loud that you can't even hear yourself think, and we just had to step out. There was a blue light on the roof flashing away and although the sound from outside was less piercing, people walking past could still hear it loud and clear and were like "what the hell?" So anyway, we had a minor heart attack on day one because it just kept going and going and no one knew how to turn it off. Eventually though, we got it sorted out so it's all cool.
Wandering around Leura, a very very pretty town, before we headed back to Katoomba for dinner. When we stepped out of the restaurant there was a fine mist billowing around and I was like, "Is it raining?" and then the waiter laughed and said, "No, we're in a cloud."


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